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Traditional Classroom Schedules for Fire and EMT

Traditional Fire Academy Course Schedule


The end date of these academies may change due to snow days and holidays dates will be changed as soon as we change them. 

Contact : Andrea Caudle or Alyse for more information

Tuition $ 3000.00


 February 20, 2023

May 12, 2023*

August 14, 2023 November 03, 2023*

2024 dates subject to change

February 19, 2024*

May 10, 2024*

August 12, 2024*

November 1, 2024*

* date may be adjusted due to weather or other things we can't control.

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EMT/ Traditional Classroom Schedule

Tuition: $1040.00

See the application for the current required textbooks.

Mon - Friday 09:00 A.M. 05:00 P.M. (8 Weeks in Classroom)

Start Date

End Date for classroom portion.

May 22, 2023*

End Date 
July 15, 2023*

November 13, 2023*

End Date is Subject to change.
January 26, 2023*
This includes time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

* date may be adjusted due to weather or other things we can't control.

Classroom -  (Clinical Dates ) After a student successfully completes the coursework and skills and final in the classroom.  Then the students start doing the required clinicals on the ambulance and in the ER.  Therefore the end date is usually around a month after the classroom portion ends.  This gives all the students time to complete the clinicals.  However, when a student is done with clinicals they will will receive their completion certificate.

Owner/ Coordinator/ Lead Instructor - Ronnie Gothard