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NFPA 1031

Fire Inspector (Includes Inspector I and II per TCFP as of March 1, 2019) Tuition: $600.00 

New classes start the 1st and 15th of each month.    Required 2 day skill session @ our location in Sulphur Springs, TX. 

Fire Inspector I (Tuition $300.00) 2 day skill session, Inspector II (Tuition $300.00) 1 day skill session,  required textbook Fire Inspector and Code Enforcement 8th ed. from IFSTA ISBN:
978-0-87939-605-3 IFSTA Item #: 36299

and Plans Examiner I (Tuition $250.00) Plans Examiner for Fire and Emergency Services, ISBN:
978-0-87939-608-4 IFSTA Item #:  36609
  1 day skill session.

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We are proud to offer a Texas Commission on Fire Protection-approved course, and understand that fire training programs are difficult to locate and successfully complete. After completing this online 160-hour course, you are eligible to complete the state certification exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive your certification, as well as become eligible for IFSAC seals as Fire Inspector I, and Fire Inspector II.  Plans Examiner I as of March 1, 2019 is a stand alone course.

 We offer this course in full as Inspector I and II as the Fire Inspector course and Plans Examiner I as a stand alone course . Each eligible to receive an IFSAC seals.  

Plans Examiner I /with a Fire Inspector II IFSAC seal  36 hours

Plans Examiner I /without a Fire Inspector II IFSAC seal 40 hours

For more information contact:  Andrea or Alyse.


FSTA  8th Ed. Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement

IFSTA  8th Ed. Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement

Fire Inspector training is very difficult to both locate and successfully complete. 

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection recommends a curriculum of 196 hours in order to be eligible to take the state examination for certification.  Upon successful completion of our Fire Inspector program and the state examination, the student will be eligible for not only receipt of certification in the State of Texas as a Basic Fire Inspector, but also eligible for IFSAC seals as Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, and Plans Examiner I.  All 3 IFSAC seals are required to achieve state certification.

Fire In Texas is unique in that our delivery program offers several options.  If a "need of training" is identified in a specific area we have the following options:

We will come to you!:  With a minimum enrollment ,a Fire In Texas instructor will come to your facility, your fire station, your city to provide this on-location training.   Not only will we come to you, we will allow you to select the option of how you would like to receive the training.  Some departments prefer to run the program back to back for the four weeks necessary to complete the training.  Some departments would rather receive two weeks of training, take a break, and then complete the remaining two weeks a month later.

We have had departments that wished to receive one week of training  each month over a four month period.  In this manner the students are exposed to a large block of material but then have several weeks to review that material and prepare for the upcoming block.

We also have another option in which our instructors come to you for several days, depending on what will work best for your departments schedule and personnel needs.  During these first few days, our instructors begin the Inspector training, explaining all of the details, answering all of the questions, covering the initial Chapters with powerpoint presentations, lectures, and question/answer periods.  At the end of the first few days, the course becomes an on-line course.  The students are given assignments and a certain designated amount of time to complete the work.  At the conclusion of this allotted time period, our instructor returns for another week of hands on training.  At this time the material will be reviewed, sections will be completed, Commission required skills will be conducted and the Final test will be administered.

In this format you receive the advantages of an on-site class by having our instructor there to answer those questions in person and get the program into motion.  But at the same time your employees or students are able to participate while on-duty to complete the on-line portion without having to be compensated over-time pay or comp. time.  And the best part, our instructors come in at the end of the course to verify that the material has been covered, skills are completed, and the students are prepared for the State Examination.


On-Line or Combination Training:      Our training is approved by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection for on-line presentation.  If a student would prefer to receive the individual training from the comfort of their home or fire station this option may be he best method to receive their training and certification.  Fire In Texas have monthly training available in each othe different courses.  Each student progresses through the course work at their own pace.

Minimum enrollment for a combination class for 3 weeks onsite is 15 students. Minimum enrollment for a online class and we come to you for 2 days of skills is 6 students. (These numbers may be modified depending on location)

All training offered by Fire In Texas is eligible for grant funding under House Bill 2604 or TIFMAS which is administered by the Texas Forest Service.  If you are a member of a Volunteer Fire Department or a combination department, you may be eligible for full or partial tuition reimbursement, depending on which course you are enrolled. Paid Departments are now eligible for training reimbursment under the TIFMAS grant.   Contact us for additional information or contact the Texas Forest Service at 979 458-6505 to see if you are your department qualifies!

The option is YOURS!!!!

Regardless of which option a Fire Chief, Firefighter, or individual may select, isn't it refreshing to receive quality certification level instruction in your own city without having to travel hours away with someone else setting the dates for the class.  Think of the budget monies that will be saved due to less travel expenses, no overtime expenses to cover for personnel out of pocket due to attending out of town training, and the comfort of sleeping in your own bed at night rather than at some hotel in a far away city.

*Additional fees may apply for skills not completed at our training facility. Contact for more information.

Call or email for a quote or more information:  Deirdre Gothard

Owner/ Coordinator/ Lead Instructor - Ronnie Gothard