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Fire Officer I and II & Incident Safety Officer (New classes start every 10 days sign up anytime)

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Textbooks are not included in the online tuition price.

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 Fire Officer I and Fire Officer II & Incident Safety Officer.

                                FIRE OFFICER III AND IV COMING SOON!!!!!

Available Online, Onsite and in a combination setting.

Required Textbooks:

Fire Officer I and II                                    Incident Safety Officer


Ifsta 5th ed Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer                    Fire Department Incident Safety Officer 3rd ed. Jones and Bartlett Publishing Order at Ifsta.org                                            Order at jblearning.com   

Tuition for Fire Officer I :  $200.00                         Tuition for Incident Safety Officer:  $250.00

Tuition for Fire Officer II:  $200.00                                                                                                    


On-Line:  Receive the training from your home or Fire Department.  Minimal travel expenses!


Think about it, you or your members able to study at your own pace, study from your home or even study from the Fire Station, yet be prepared to take the Texas Commission on Fire Protection State Examination for Certification as a Fire Officer I


Call today for all the details: 

Andrea Caudle 903-438-0300

On-Site:  Our instructors come to you!

No Travel Expenses!

With a minimum enrollment our Instructors will come to your facility, instruct your students, and prepare them for the Texas Commission on Fire Protection State Examination that they must successfully complete in order to become certified as a Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, or Incident Safety Officer.

Call Fire In Texas today for a quote.  Number of students, location of your city and misc. other factors must be factored inorder for us to give you the lowest possible price quote.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student is prepared to take the Texas Commission on Fire Protection State Examination for certification as a Fire Officer I or Fire Officer II depending on the course you have asked us to teach.

Prerequisites for Fire Officer I: 

Must hold a minimum of Basic certification with the Commission in Structural Fire Protection, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, or Marine Fire Protection

Must hold Fire Service Instructor I Certification

Prerequisites for Fire Officer II: 

Must hold a minimum of Fire Officer I Certification

Prerequisites for Incident Safety Officer:

Must hold a minimum of Fire Officer I Certification


On-Line  or  On-Site (Your Site)

Your Choice!

Texas Commission On Fire Protection Approved Course

All courses offered have course approval numbers from the Commisison

Contact us for pricing and specific details: 

1-888-347-3789 ext 2

Owner/Coordinator/Lead Instructor Ronnie Gothard