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Traditional Schedule for Fire and EMT

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NFPA & Fire Protection Handbook Courses

Top-Notch Fire & EMT Training Based in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Traditional Classroom and Online with onsite skill sessions. (New online classes start every 10

days sign up anytime)  For more information contact Andrea or Alyse.

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NFPA 1001 and NFPA 472 

All of our courses are TCFP approved and eligible for IFSAC's and state certification. 

Except ISO, it isn't eligible for IFSAC seals at this time but students can get state certification for ISO. 

Required Textbooks for Basic Fire Academy:

Product Type:     Package               Product Type: Package
Essentials of Firefighting                Hazardous Materials Response                                        

6th ed. & Course Workbook            First Responsers 5th ed. & Exam Prep
ISBN:  IFSTA Item #:  36341               ISBN: IFSTA Item #:  36930                                 

Textbook and Workbook for:               Required Textbook and Exam Prep for:

OL Firefighter I (Refresher)                        OL Hazmat Awareness (Refresher)

or                                                                                                or

OL  Firefighter II (Refresher)                       OL HazMat Operations (Refresher) 

2 week skill session                                         1 day of skills each

Enhance your safety skills when you enroll in fire and EMT training available through our program     based in Sulphur Springs, Texas. At Fire In Texas, we take pride in creating and offering a unique  program that gives you the choice between receiving on-site training at your location or online from       the comfort of your own home. Our online courses accommodate up to 12 students through                       8-10 hour-long training sessions.   We believe in smaller skill sessions in order to give each student       more one one one time with instructors.         

Our Basic Fire Training

This 468-hour training course is available in online and on-site formats. There are no pre-requisites

required to enroll. Our on-site training is 12 weeks long and costs $2,400.00, while our online session

is two weeks long and costs $2,200.00.

Traditional Academy students have the option of being  housed at Brinker Volunteer Fire Department

for $300.00 a month.   If grades are kept up and the student is doing well in the course they have the

option to apply with Department to become a Volunteer 2 weeks into the academy. 

In the on-site class, we conduct live fire drills to train you on the basics of overhauls, forced entries,

ropes, knots, ladders, fire extinguishers, building construction, fire safety, and orientation. After

passing the basic fire academy, and taking the state test which will be administered at the completion

of the course at our facility.   Students will become state certified with an overall passing grade of 70

or above with the state.  For students to earn each IFSAC each grade for each IFSAC must score 70 or

above.  In all when a student receives his/her state test results you will get one overall score which

has to be 70 or above and 4 IFSAC seal grades and each of those IFSAC scores must be 70 or above

to qualify to  receive the students IFSAC seals.  Through the program, you receive the following


Traditional Fire Academy Course Schedule

The end date of these academies may change due to snow days and holidays dates will be changed as soon as we change them. 

Start  Date                                                                End Date

January 15, 2018

June 11, 2018

April 4, 2018

August 30, 2018

September 4, 2018

November 15, 2018*


January 14, 2019 April 4, 2019*


Online Fire Academy Tuition:   $2200.00 for the skill session and online portion.

Breakdown: If taken separately

OL Firefighter I:  $1200.00 for the skill session Housing $150.00

OL HazMat Awareness:  $150.00   1 days in the classroom.  Call For Dates. 903-438-0300

OL Firefighter II:  $1000.00 for the skill session Housing $150.00

HazMat Operations:  $200.00   1 day of skills Call For Dates.  903-438-0300

Texas Commission on Fire State Testing Fee is $85.00 / If paying by Credit Card $88.00

Online fire academy is enrollable now.  New classes start every 10 days:  
Confirm for your skill session now!!!!!
* This skill session will be run on an as needed basis, and will be determined
in November.  So if you are interested in attending this skill session put your
name on the list ASAP.  So we can determine if it will be ran as scheduled here.

• TCFP Individual  Certification                                                   • Basic Fire  Suppression       

      Available IFSAC seals:  Firefighter I & Firefighter II

       Hazardous Materials Awareness  and Hazardous Materials Operations                                                                                                 

EMR is Here! (see online schedule for dates)

Bridging to EMT is no longer an option per the state.  However if you go through our EMR class and

decide 12 months later to get your EMT we will deduct the tuition you already paid for the online

EMR course when you sign up for the EMT course online.

EMR required textbook:


Package ISBN-13:9780134419435

$164.13|Add to Cart

This package contains:

Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene, 10th Edition
By Chris Le Baudour|©2016|Paper ; 656 pages
MyBradyLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene, 10th Edition
By Chris Le Baudour|©2016|Access Code Card ; 672 pages

EMT is a minimum Prerequisite to certifying as a Firefighter in the state of Texas.

   Texas Commission on Fire Protection Minimum Requirements of Medical to certify: 


(c) Prior to being appointed to fire suppression duties, personnel must complete a Commission-approved basic structure fire suppression program and successfully complete a Commission recognized emergency medical course. The individual must successfully pass the Commission examination pertaining to that curriculum as required by §423.3 of this title. The Commission recognizes the following emergency medical training:

  (1) Department of State Health Services Emergency Medical Service Personnel certification training;

  (2) an American Red Cross Emergency Response course, including the optional lessons and enrichment sections;

  (3) an American Safety and Health Institute First Responder course;

  (4) National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification; or

  (5) medical training deemed equivalent by the Commission.


Our EMT Training

We offer EMT in the online and on-site training sessions. Traditional Classroom  students are trained over

the course of eight weeks, while online students have three months to complete the course. Additionally,

we offer a four-day skill session for you to complete your skill before taking your finals. Both courses cost

$1100.00 and online students are provided housing for clinic and skill sessions.  (This includes the Platinum

Planner Program.

EMT TEXTBOOK: Emergency Care, 13th Edition

(Textbook Required for Traditional Classroom)

By Daniel J. Limmer, Michael F. O'Keefe,

Medical Editor:  Edward T. Dickinson, MD, FACEP

Pub. Date: Apr 28, 2011 by Prentice Hall.

EMT/ Traditional Classroom Schedule

Clinical Time (Not Included in dates) 24 hours ER and 48 hours Ambulance.  

Current dates coming soon!!!

Start Date

End Date

April 09, 2018

July 14, 2017

 September 04,2018

 November 16, 2018
 November 11, 2018
February 25, 2018

(Recommended Textbook for Traditional Classroom and OL EMT)

Exam Prep: EMT-Basic
Author(s): Dr. Ben Hirst, Performance Training Systems
International Association of Fire Chiefs
ISBN-13: 9780763742133
EMT-Basic Review Manual for National Certification
Author(s): American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Stephen J. Rahm
ISBN-13: 9780763744663


EMT - Basic Course - Online Schedule (see application for Book information)

Basic Course  Skills will be scheduled for 5 days in the last 30 days of the course.

Skill dates are subject to change. 

Call for details (903-438-0300)  Current dates Coming soon.

Start Date  Skill Date- Arrive End Date
January 15, 2018 May 11, 2018
April 16, 2018
March 05, 2018 June 04,2018
July 04, 2018
May 07,2018 August 08,2018 September 07,2018
July 02, 2018 October 31,2018 October 02, 2018
September 03, 2018 December 03,2018
January 04,2019
November 05, 2018 February 02, 2019
March 01, 2019


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