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All of our courses are eligible for IFSAC Seals except for Incident Safety Officer.

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Firefighters with a Hose - Fire Academy

Fire & EMT

Fire - Fire Academy

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Firefighter - Fire Academy

Driver Operator, Instructor or

Fire Officer

Keep our community, safe, and secure when you join Fire and EMT training courses at Fire In Texas. From learning the basics of rope to navigating your way through a burning building, our training covers it all. Develop a keen eye for what happens in a fire when you take part in our Fire Arson Investigator training program. Whether you want to become an inspector or an arson specialist, we have the perfect course waiting for you. Use your experiences as a firefighter to take on the task of teaching the future generations when you sign up for our fire instructor training. An Instructor has the option for teaching each discipline he or she is certified in.

Fire In Texas would love to assist you in obtaining your goal of becoming eligible to work in the exciting field of career firefighting and Emergency Medical Services.

It is your option to attend either the traditional twelve-week firefighter training classroom format where the student attends class Monday through Friday for a twelve week period.  During this time the student receives instruction in the various subjects associated with firefighting.  In addition the required hands-on skills are practiced until mastered by each individual. The tuition for this course is $2,400.  Housing is not included in this tuition, however, if the student requires housing, you can contract with a local volunteer fire department where the student may house and ride out with the volunteer department as an observer, while they attend the fire academy. 

If your work schedule, family life, or other issues prevent you from attending a twelve-week on site course, perhaps the online format of training will better fit your needs.  In this type of training the student enrolls in the course and has twelve weeks to work through the self-paced online presentations, practice tests, assessment tests, and associated course work from their home.  At the conclusion of the twelve week self-paced online portion of training the student attends a fourteen (14) day hands-on skills' session in which the online material is reviewed and all of the skills related to being a firefighters are practiced until mastered.  On the final day of the session, the Texas Commission on Fire Protection State Examination will be administered. The tuition for this course is $2,200.  Housing is included in the tuition.

Regardless of which format fits your needs, if you are coming from out-of-state or Canada, our tuition does include our staff members picking you up at DFW airport or Love Field and transporting you to our facility in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Of course at the conclusion of your training we will also see that you are returned to the airport for your return flight.

In addition to the firefighter certification training previously discussed, we also offer Emergency Medical Technician training in both the on site and online formats.  Tuition for either of these courses is $1000. and that does not include housing, books or Uniforms.

If you already have your firefighter certification and are looking to obtain additional Texas Commission on Fire Protection certifications, we also offer Driver/Operator, Fire Investigator, Fire Inspector, Fire Officer I and II, ISO as well as Fire Instructor I, II, and III. 

Contact our office Manager Mrs. Andrea Caudle at 903 438-0300 or come by our academy located at 1334 Sharon Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas at any time for additional information on class offerings or payment options.


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